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Our History


Megas BasileiosOur history in Western Australia

St Basil’s Aged Care Service is a not for profit organisation that has been providing Home Care Packages since 1996.

Originally established to meet the needs of aged Greek people within the Perth metropolitan area, St Basils now offers support to people of all cultural backgrounds.

St Basil – Origins of our services & founding values

St Basil was the Archbishop of Caesarea, the ancient Roman capital city of Palestine (400 AD). He preached and practiced charity, establishing and supporting various philanthropic and welfare organisations that comforted and cared for the sick, needy and the elderly. St Basil is also remembered for his stance on issues of social justice, poverty and prejudice.

St. Basil holds a special place in the hearts of Orthodox people, especially during the Christmas period when he is regarded as a giver of gifts, in much the same way that St. Nicholas is in other parts of the Christian church.

The teaching of St Basil is reflected in the work of St Basil’s Aged Care Services, thus continuing a tradition of 1600yrs.

We aim to treat others as ourselves…